2020-03-06 Mike GilbertUpdate data master hwids-20200306
2020-02-04 Mike GilbertRevert "Allow parallel fetch" hwids-20200204
2020-02-04 Mike GilbertSign new tags
2020-02-04 Mike GilbertUpdate data
2020-02-04 Mike GilbertAllow parallel fetch
2019-10-25 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20191025
2019-10-25 Mike GilbertUpdate ids_parser.py
2019-10-25 Mike GilbertUpdate SYSTEMD_SOURCE
2019-08-18 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20190818
2019-08-18 Mike GilbertDeclare phony targets
2019-03-21 Mike GilbertMark ids_parser.py executable
2019-03-21 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... hwdb: make ids_parser.py compatible with pyparsing...
2019-03-17 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20190316
2018-09-17 Mike GilbertRe-gen hwdb data hwids-20180917
2018-09-17 Mike GilbertUpdate data
2018-05-18 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20180518
2018-03-15 Mike GilbertRegen hwdb hwids-20180315
2018-03-15 Mike GilbertFetch data
2018-03-15 Mike GilbertRemove workaround for bad UTF-8 characters
2018-02-21 Mike GilbertUpdate data
2017-10-03 Mike GilbertSkip udev-hwdb target when building 'all' hwids-20171003
2017-10-03 Mike GilbertAdd the generated hwdb files to git
2017-10-03 Mike GilbertUpdate data
2017-10-03 Mike GilbertAdd sed to fix invalid UTF-8 character in usb.ids
2017-10-03 Mike GilbertUse new python script for udev database updates
2017-07-15 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20170715
2017-07-15 Mike GilbertAdd 70-joystick.hwdb
2017-03-28 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20170328
2017-03-28 Mike GilbertAdd udev/60-sensor.hwdb
2016-11-04 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20161103
2016-08-01 Mike Frysingerbuild: use $(UDEV_FILES) instead of duplicating the... hwids-20160801
2016-08-01 Mike FrysingerREADME: add bug reporting details
2016-08-01 Mike FrysingerUpdate data
2016-08-01 Mike FrysingerMerge pull request #10 from embe/touchpad
2016-07-25 Michał BartoszkiewiczAdd 70-touchpad.hwdb 10/head
2016-04-22 Mike Frysingeruse https for pci.ids
2016-04-21 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20160421
2016-03-06 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20160306
2016-03-06 Mike GilbertFetch new version of ids-update.pl and adjust Makefile
2015-07-18 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20150717
2015-07-18 Mike GilbertAdd 60-evdev.hwdb, remove 70-touchpad.hwdb
2015-06-04 Mike GilbertProcesss udev files with a for loop
2015-06-04 Mike Gilbertsystemd is now officially hosted on github
2015-04-21 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20150421
2015-04-21 Mike GilbertAdd udev/70-pointingstick.hwdb
2015-04-17 Mike GilbertUpdate data hwids-20150417
2015-01-29 Mike GilbertAdd additional ignore rules hwids-20150129
2015-01-29 Mike GilbertUpdate data
2015-01-29 Mike GilbertUpdate source of IEEE oui database
2015-01-29 Mike GilbertAdd udev touchpad database
2015-01-18 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20150118
2015-01-13 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20150113
2015-01-08 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20150108
2015-01-07 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20150107
2015-01-05 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20150105
2015-01-03 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20150103
2015-01-03 Diego Elio... Update.
2015-01-03 Diego Elio... Update.
2014-12-14 Mike GilbertFetch udev updates hwids-20141214
2014-12-14 Mike GilbertAdd new mouse DPI databse for udev
2014-11-25 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141123
2014-11-19 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141118
2014-11-19 Diego Elio... Update oui.txt path.
2014-11-11 Diego Elio... Update.
2014-11-10 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141110
2014-10-30 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141030
2014-10-29 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141029
2014-10-25 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141025
2014-10-22 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141022
2014-10-21 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141021
2014-10-20 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141020
2014-10-18 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141018
2014-10-17 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141017
2014-10-15 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141015
2014-10-10 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141010
2014-10-08 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141008
2014-10-05 Diego Elio... Update.
2014-10-01 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20141001
2014-09-27 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140927
2014-09-26 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140926
2014-09-16 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140916
2014-09-13 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140913
2014-08-30 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140830
2014-08-28 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140828
2014-08-21 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140821
2014-08-15 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140815
2014-08-13 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140813
2014-08-09 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140809
2014-08-06 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140806
2014-08-01 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140801
2014-07-23 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140722
2014-07-05 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140705
2014-07-04 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140704
2014-06-27 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140627
2014-06-02 Diego Elio... Update. hwids-20140602
2014-06-02 Diego Elio... Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/gentoo/hwids
2014-05-30 Diego Elio... Merge pull request #8 from vapier/master
2014-05-30 Mike Frysingeradd knobs for gzip/pci/usb 8/head
2014-05-30 Mike Frysingersimplify conditional udev logic
2014-05-30 Mike Frysingerrespect $PKG_CONFIG env var