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last changeWed, 11 Sep 2019 07:23:21 +0000 (09:23 +0200)
2019-09-11 Ingo Feinererumbim: add home provider query support master
2019-04-10 Petr ŠtetiarIron out all extra compiler warnings
2019-04-10 Petr ŠtetiarEnable extra compiler checks
2019-04-10 Bjørn Morkmbim-proxy support
2019-04-10 Ingo Feinererumbim: add registration set support
2016-05-11 Bjørn Morkadd radio_state set/query support
2016-05-11 Bjørn Morkupdate usage()
2016-05-11 Bjørn Morkget buffer size from driver
2016-05-11 Bjørn Morkdynamically allocate buffer
2015-04-03 Bjørn Morksupport non default ip-types
2015-04-03 Bjørn Morksupport IPv6 configuration
2015-04-03 Bjørn Morkfix IP configuration prefix output
2015-04-03 Bjørn Morkadd command_id to verbose output
2015-04-03 Bjørn Morkavoid parsing InformationBuffer unless status is "success"
2015-04-03 Bjørn Morkadd command done status to verbose output
2015-04-03 Bjørn Morkfix subscriber response segfault
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