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last changeTue, 31 Dec 2019 08:40:45 +0000 (09:40 +0100)
2019-12-31 Gerard Ryankmodloader: added -a arg to modprobe master
2019-12-28 Paul Fertserkmodloader: print an error when no kernel module dir...
2019-10-22 Zefir Kurtisilogread: add option to filter for facilities
2019-10-21 Gerard Ryankmodloader: added -v arg to modeprobe
2019-06-16 Hauke Mehrtenskmodloader: Increase path array size to make it always fit
2019-04-07 Pavel Merzlyakovkmodloader: fix and optimize loading of failed modules
2019-03-21 Sergiy Kibrikkmodloader: increase module name length
2018-12-18 Stijn Tintelkmodloader: load_modprobe: abort after 2 attempts
2018-02-14 John Crispinlogread: fix reconnect logd logic
2018-02-14 John Crispinlogrea: move the code setting up the request blob out...
2018-02-14 John Crispinlogread: move output connection setup code out of main...
2018-02-14 John Crispinlogread: cleanup pid file handling
2018-02-13 Rosen Penevubox: Replace strerror(errno) with %m format.
2017-11-13 Rosen Penevubox: Remove unnecessary memset calls.
2017-11-06 Felix Fietkaulogd: move stripping of newlines to log_add()
2017-11-06 Felix Fietkaulogread: fix line buffer size
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