2019-11-01 Tom RiniMerge tag 'efi-2020-01-rc2' of https://gitlab.denx...
2019-11-01 Tom RiniMerge tag 'video-for-2020.01-rc1' of https://gitlab...
2019-11-01 Tom RiniMerge tag 'dm-pull-29oct19' of git://git.denx.de/u...
2019-11-01 Tom RiniMerge branch '2019-10-30-master-imports'
2019-10-31 Tom Riniazure: Update for python3 and current pytest
2019-10-31 Sam Protsenkocmd: avb: Support A/B slots
2019-10-31 Sam Protsenkocmd: avb: Fix requested partitions list
2019-10-31 Sam Protsenkolibavb: Fix build warnings after updating the lib
2019-10-31 Sam Protsenkolibavb: Update libavb to current AOSP master
2019-10-31 Michal Sojkamkimage: Set correct FDT type and ramdisk architecture...
2019-10-31 Jean-Jacques... drivers: phy: Handle gracefully NULL pointers
2019-10-31 Marek Szyprowskilinux_compat: fix potential NULL pointer access
2019-10-31 Simon Southtiny-printf: Support vsnprintf()
2019-10-31 Simon Southcommon: Kconfig: Fix typo in TPL_LOG_CONSOLE description
2019-10-31 Heinrich Schuchardtlib: errno: avoid error format-overflow
2019-10-31 Heinrich Schuchardtlib: errno: sync error codes
2019-10-31 Baruch Siachdts: fix MULTI_DTB_FIT compression choice prompt
2019-10-31 Roman Kaplata: ahci allow 64-bit DMA for SATA
2019-10-31 Heinrich Schuchardtdisk: part_dos: correctly detect DOS PBR
2019-10-31 Heinrich Schuchardttest: provide test for errno_str()
2019-10-31 Heinrich Schuchardtlib: errno: check for unsupported error number
2019-10-31 Marek Vasutlib: time: Add microsecond timer
2019-10-31 Patrick WildtNVMe: do PCI enumerate before nvme scan
2019-10-31 Patrick Wildtnvme: use page-aligned buffer for identify command
2019-10-31 Patrick Wildtnvme: flush dcache on both r/w, and the prp list
2019-10-31 Heinrich Schuchardtvirtio: pci: use correct type in virtio_pci_bind()
2019-10-31 Heinrich Schuchardtcheckpatch.pl: update from Linux kernel v5.4-rc3
2019-10-31 Anatolij Gustschinsplash: fix build breakage with newer llvm-7
2019-10-30 Walter Lozanodts: Kconfig: Fix help for SPL_OF_CONTROL
2019-10-30 Tom RiniMakefile: Fix printing problem in size_check on overflow
2019-10-30 Keerthygpio: da8xx_gpio: Fix the _gpio_direction_output function
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: Use raw strings more to avoid deprecation...
2019-10-30 Tom Rinigitlab/travis: Rework how and when we use virtualenv...
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: Update docs, add requirements.txt for pip
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: Rework test.py to be a different kind of wrapper
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: Update test_fs to decode check_output calls
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: test_efi_selftest.py: Updates for python 3...
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: test_ut.py: Ensure we use bytes
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: Manual python3 fixes
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: Automated conversion to Python 3
2019-10-30 Marek Vasuttest/py: Fix pytest4 deprecation warnings
2019-10-30 Tom Rinitest/py: Split mark to multiple lines
2019-10-30 Tom Rinigitlab-ci: Prepend to PATH rather than replace it
2019-10-30 Tom Rinigitlab-ci: Fix indentation in some stanzas
2019-10-30 Tom RiniMerge tag 'u-boot-clk-23Oct2019' of https://gitlab...
2019-10-30 Tom RiniPrepare v2020.01-rc1 v2020.01-rc1
2019-10-30 Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: correct includes in efi_variable.c
2019-10-30 AKASHI Takahirocmd: env: extend "env [set|print] -e" to manage UEFI...
2019-10-30 Heinrich Schuchardtblk: set log2blksz in blk_create_device()
2019-10-30 Tom RiniMerge tag 'mmc-10-29-2019' of https://gitlab.denx.de...
2019-10-30 Tom RiniMerge branch '2019-10-28-azure-ci-support'
2019-10-30 Tom RiniMerge https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/custodians/u-boot...
2019-10-29 Bin MengBring all testings in gitlab and travis CI to Azure...
2019-10-29 Bin Meng.travis.yml: Remove the unneeded '&' for ls20xx buildman
2019-10-29 Bin Mengarm: mvebu: Avoid generating kwbimage.cfg in the source...
2019-10-29 Bin Mengtools: buildman: Remove useless mkdir() in Make() in...
2019-10-29 Bin Mengtools: buildman: Honor output directory when generating...
2019-10-29 Peng Fanspl: spl_mmc: fix getting raw_sect when boot from emmc...
2019-10-29 Yangbo Lummc: fsl_esdhc: drop i.MX DDR support code
2019-10-29 Yangbo Lummc: fsl_esdhc: remove redundant DM_MMC checking
2019-10-29 Yangbo Lummc: fsl_esdhc: make BLK as hard requirement of DM_MMC
2019-10-28 Bin MengAdd Microsoft Azure Pipelines configuration
2019-10-28 Bin Mengtools: Avoid creating symbolic links for tools/version.h
2019-10-28 Bin MengAdd .gitattributes for line endings
2019-10-28 Bin Mengdoc: Add documentation for how to build U-Boot host...
2019-10-28 Bin Mengtools: ifwitool: Define __packed when it is not defined
2019-10-28 Bin Menglinux/types.h: Surround 'struct ustat' with __linux__
2019-10-28 Bin Mengtools: zynqmpbif: Use compiler builtin instead of linux...
2019-10-28 Bin Mengtools: mtk_image.h: Use portable uintXX_t instead of...
2019-10-28 Bin Mengtools: image.h: Use portable uint32_t instead of linux...
2019-10-27 Jean-Jacques... fdt: Fix alignment issue when reading 64-bits propertie...
2019-10-27 Kever Yangdm: core: Update log method for uclass_find_device_by_seq
2019-10-27 Dmitry Torokhovpatman: separate emails in CC list with NULs
2019-10-27 Simon Glassbootstage: Allow SPL to obtain bootstage info from TPL
2019-10-27 Simon Glassbootstage: Mark the start/end of TPL and SPL separately
2019-10-27 Simon Glassbootstage: Correct relocation algorithm
2019-10-27 Simon Glassbootstage: Avoid conflicts between stash/unstash
2019-10-27 Simon Glassbootstage: Fix counting of entries in stash
2019-10-27 Simon Glassbootstage: Store the next ID in the stash
2019-10-27 Simon Glassbloblist: Reserve an aligned base
2019-10-27 Simon Glasstiny-printf: Reorder code to support %p
2019-10-27 Simon Glasstiny-printf: Add print_grouped_ull()
2019-10-27 Simon Glasstiny-printf: Reduce size by removing ctype
2019-10-27 Jean-Jacques... test: regmap: check the values read from the regmap
2019-10-27 Simon Glassdm: regmap: Fix mask in regmap_update_bits()
2019-10-27 Simon Glasssandbox: test: Add a prototype for sandbox_set_enable_m...
2019-10-27 Simon Glasssandbox: Drop 'const' from sandbox_write()
2019-10-27 Simon Glasssandbox: test: Show hex values on failure
2019-10-26 Tom RiniMerge tag 'mips-pull-2019-10-25' of git://git.denx...
2019-10-25 Tom RiniMerge branch '2019-10-24-ti-imports'
2019-10-25 Suman Annaarm: dts: k3-am65: Add R5F ranges in interconnect nodes
2019-10-25 Lokesh Vutlaarmv7R: K3: j721e: Add support for triggering ddr init...
2019-10-25 Lokesh Vutlaarm: dts: k3-j721e: Add ddr node
2019-10-25 Kevin Scholzram: k3-j721e: Add support for J721E DDR controller
2019-10-25 Lokesh Vutladt-bindings: memory-controller: Introduce J721E DDRSS...
2019-10-25 James Doublesinram: k3-am654: Do not rely on default values for certai...
2019-10-25 James Doublesinram: k3-am654: add support for LPDDR4 and DDR3L DDRs
2019-10-25 James Doublesinarmv7r: dts: am654-base-board: Rename 1600MHz to 1600MT...
2019-10-25 Lokesh Vutlaarm: K3: Clean and invalidate Linux Image before jumpin...
2019-10-25 Lokesh Vutlacmd: booti: Store OS start and end info in images structure