2017-05-28 Guus SliepenSet KillMode=mixed in the systemd service file.
2017-05-28 Guus SliepenMove logging of "would block" messages to debug level 4.
2017-04-27 Guus SliepenBind outgoing TCP sockets.
2017-04-19 Guus SliepenFix Solaris DeviceType = tap in router Mode.
2017-04-08 Guus SliepenUse getmsg()/putmsg() instead of read()/write() on...
2017-04-08 Guus SliepenUse /dev/udp instead of /dev/ip on Solaris.
2017-03-21 Guus SliepenMerge remote-tracking branch 'VittGam/master'
2017-03-20 Guus SliepenDon't dereference myself->incipher if it's NULL.
2017-01-15 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.31. release-1.0.31
2016-10-31 √Člie BouttierRemove ExecStop in tinc@.service
2016-10-30 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.30. release-1.0.30
2016-10-30 Guus SliepenUse CFB mode for meta-connections to improve security.
2016-10-29 Guus SliepenUse AES in CTR mode instead of OFB mode for meta-connec...
2016-10-29 Guus SliepenReally fix byte budget calculation.
2016-10-29 Guus SliepenFix bit shifting arithmetic so the code actually does...
2016-10-29 Guus SliepenEnforce maximum amount of bytes sent/received on meta...
2016-10-29 Guus SliepenUse AES256 and SHA256 by default, also for the meta...
2016-10-14 Guus SliepenDelay sending the real ID request until after a proxy...
2016-10-14 Guus SliepenLog only the first line of a proxy request rejection...
2016-10-14 Guus SliepenFix proxy reply parsing broken by the previous commit.
2016-10-13 Guus SliepenAllow non-empty lines after status code from a HTTP...
2016-10-12 Vittorio Gambaletta... route: Support ToS/DiffServ priority inheritance when...
2016-10-09 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.29. release-1.0.29
2016-10-09 Guus SliepenFix compiler warnings about format string errors on...
2016-10-09 Guus SliepenFix possibly unitialized variable.
2016-10-09 Guus SliepenAdd ax_require_defined.m4.
2016-09-27 Guus SliepenAdd a copy of ax_append_flag.m4.
2016-07-26 Guus SliepenLog warnings about dropped packets only with debug...
2016-06-23 Guus SliepenForce nul-termination of strings after vsnprintf().
2016-06-22 Guus SliepenCheck return value of RSA_generate_key_ex().
2016-06-22 Guus SliepenAdd -Wall to CFLAGS.
2016-06-15 Guus SliepenEnsure compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.0.
2016-06-05 Guus SliepenPreserve IPv6 scope_id in edges.
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.28. release-1.0.28
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenUpdate links in the documentation.
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenExplicitly mention that LibreSSL can be used as well.
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenEnsure the service files are in the tarball.
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenUpdate .gitignore.
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenAdd systemd service files.
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenReally remove use of __DATE__ and __TIME__ to facilitat...
2016-04-10 Guus SliepenFix compiling bsd/device.c on systems without utun.
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.27. release-1.0.27
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenAdd support for OS X utun interfaces.
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenEnable silent builds by default.
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenUse SIOCGIFADDR on BSDs that support it.
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenUse devname() if available to support devfs cloning...
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenEvery BSD flavor has a tap device nowadays.
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenGet rid of a warning when compiling tinc using MinGW.
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenCast 0xff to char before comparing it to another char.
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenRemove use of __DATE__ and __TIME__ to facilitate repro...
2016-04-09 Guus SliepenUpdate copyright notices.
2016-04-08 Guus SliepenUse iface instead of interface.
2016-04-08 Guus SliepenUpdate THANKS.
2016-04-08 Guus SliepenUpdate .gitignore.
2016-04-08 Guus SliepenDon't compile getopt*.c if the system provides getopt_l...
2016-03-08 LunarShaddowProofing README.
2016-03-07 LunarShaddowre-arrange include sequence to avoid a mingw introduced...
2016-03-07 LunarShaddowfix typo
2016-02-28 Guus SliepenFix forwarding of edge updates.
2016-02-27 Guus SliepenAdd warnings for bad combinations of Device and Interface.
2016-02-27 Guus SliepenSmall fixes for the documentation.
2016-02-27 Guus SliepenClarify that scripts are called synchronously.
2016-02-27 Guus SliepenImprove performance of edge updates.
2016-01-18 Guus SliepenFix warnings from the Clang Static Analyzer.
2016-01-18 Guus SliepenFix compatibility with TAP-Win32 and later.
2016-01-14 Guus SliepenOnly add a reflexive address when we're sure it's working.
2015-11-06 Guus SliepenAdd ability to use proxies to connect to hostnames...
2015-11-01 Guus SliepenUpdate "now" after connect() when making outgoing conne...
2015-10-30 Guus SliepenAttribution for various contributors.
2015-09-25 Vittorio Gambaletta... Remove forward declaration for do_decrement_ttl.
2015-09-25 Vittorio Gambaletta... s/broadcast_packet_helper/route_broadcast/
2015-09-25 Vittorio Gambaletta... Fix DecrementTTL option for packets destined to the...
2015-09-24 Guus SliepenAdd missing AM_PROG_CC_C_O to configure.ac.
2015-09-12 Nathan Stratton... Fix invalid checksum generation.
2015-09-04 Vittorio Gambaletta... Try to reply with node address only when decrementing...
2015-09-04 Vittorio Gambaletta... Fix source IP address for ICMP unreachable packets...
2015-09-03 Vittorio Gambaletta... Fix DecrementTTL option.
2015-08-28 Florian WeikFix NAME variable in subnet-* scripts for local subnets.
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.26. release-1.0.26
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenDon't try to call res_init() if ./configure told us...
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenFix unputenv() on Windows.
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenOnly check for -fno-strict-overflow if -fwrapv does...
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenAttribution for various contributors.
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenUpdate copyright notices.
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenFix spelling of FORTIFY_SOURCE.
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenFix autoconf check for function attributes.
2015-07-05 Guus SliepenReturn non-zero exit code when encountering configurati...
2015-06-18 Jo-Philipp... fix musl compatibility
2015-05-03 Guus SliepenNever call putenv() with data on the stack.
2015-04-14 Guus SliepenFix --logfile without a filename on Windows.
2015-02-09 Guus SliepenAlways call res_init() before getaddrinfo().
2015-02-09 Guus SliepenAttribution for Saverio Proto.
2014-12-22 Guus SliepenUse VittGam's real name.
2014-12-22 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.25. release-1.0.25
2014-12-22 Guus SliepenCheck whether res_init() really lives in libresolv.
2014-12-22 Guus SliepenUpdate documentation for Mac OS X.
2014-12-22 Guus SliepenAutomatically choose a tap device on Mac OS X when...
2014-12-22 Guus SliepenAttribution for various contributors.
2014-12-22 Guus SliepenRemember ToS/Diffserv priority for each socket individu...
2014-12-21 VittGamSupport ToS/DiffServ priority handling for IPv6 meta...