2003-07-12 Guus SliepenRemoving distribution specific files from CVS.
2003-07-12 Guus SliepenUpdate copyrights.
2003-07-12 Guus SliepenSimplify logging, update copyrights and some minor...
2003-07-11 Guus SliepenMore missing IPv6 definitions and autoconf checks to...
2003-07-07 Guus SliepenMore missing definitions.
2003-07-07 Guus SliepenActually add ipv6.h.
2003-07-07 Guus SliepenProvide all missing IPv6 definitions in lib/ipv6.h.
2003-07-06 Guus SliepenSprinkling the source with static and attributes.
2003-07-06 Guus SliepenDefine logger(), cleans up source code and allows us...
2003-07-06 Guus SliepenCheck for IPv6 header files.
2003-07-06 Guus Sliepen- simplify configure.in
2003-06-25 Guus SliepenThis subtle pointer arithmetic thingy is (I'm very...
2003-06-25 Guus SliepenReally make tinc default to any addressfamily.
2003-06-12 Guus SliepenThere are two lzo compression levels.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenTypo and conversion to UTF-8.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenUpdate dutch translation.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenUpdate documentation.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenMore braces to make gcc happy.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenFixes from Wessel Danker's libavl.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenRemove mymac stuff from device.c.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenAddressFamily is "any" by default.
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenIf we have a Linux tun/tap device and we are in router...
2003-06-11 Guus SliepenCall make_names() before doing anything else.
2003-06-07 Guus SliepenFix warning and add missing checks for LZO library.
2003-05-17 Guus SliepenFix links.
2003-05-07 Guus SliepenSmall fixes.
2003-05-06 Guus SliepenSmall fixes to make LZO compression work.
2003-05-06 Guus Sliepen- Per-node EVP_CIPHER_CTX to avoid initialisation overhead.
2003-04-19 Guus SliepenMake sure outgoing_t is completely freed.
2003-04-18 Guus SliepenBetter handling of late packets.
2003-04-03 Guus SliepenHUP signal now closes connections to hosts if their...
2003-03-29 Guus SliepenChecksums must also work for uneven number of bytes.
2003-03-29 Guus SliepenDon't copy more than necessary.
2003-03-29 Guus Sliepen- Speed up checksumming
2003-03-28 Guus Sliepen- Avoid memory leak caused by OpenSSL 0.9.7a.
2003-03-19 Guus SliepenTypo.
2003-03-19 Guus SliepenMake sure send_meta() writes everything.
2003-03-14 Ivo TimmermansCall RSA_blinding_on(), as advised in the paper on
2003-01-17 Guus SliepenVarious fixes for autoconf and OpenSSL 0.9.7 and a...
2003-01-17 Guus Sliepen- Fix indentation in some places.
2003-01-14 Guus SliepenAdd $NAME for tinc-up/down scripts.
2003-01-12 Guus SliepenRun graph algorithm when replacing a second connection...
2002-12-27 Guus SliepenPrivateKeyFile instead of PrivateKey.
2002-11-14 Guus SliepenFix PriorityInheritance.
2002-10-07 Guus SliepenAdd documentation for BindToAddress.
2002-09-30 Ivo TimmermansFix saving of debug level for startup level 0
2002-09-24 Guus SliepenRun graph() after edge_del() when updating an edge.
2002-09-16 Wessel Dankersits: Engels voor "van het" - 3e persoon enkelvoud,...
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenThank some more people.
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenRemarks about 1.0pre8 release. release-1.0pre8
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenUpdate documentation.
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenUse /dev/net/tun as default for tun/tap device under...
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenUpdated dutch translation.
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenSmall fixes so tinc compiles out of the box on SunOS 5.8
2002-09-15 Guus Sliepenport_t isn't used anymore and conflicts with MacOS...
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenMacOS/X needs #define _P1003_1B_VISIBLE in order to...
2002-09-11 Guus SliepenWhat was I thinking?
2002-09-10 Guus SliepenMake sure malloc() is declared.
2002-09-10 Guus SliepenFix placement of #include "config.h"
2002-09-10 Guus SliepenLink with libintl if necessary.
2002-09-10 Guus SliepenClean up after indent.
2002-09-10 Guus SliepenFix compiler warnings.
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenLet GCC check format string and arguments of send_reque...
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenRemove redundant spaces.
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenSwitch to K&R style indentation.
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenSwitch to K&R style indentation.
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenCleanups:
2002-09-06 Guus SliepenWhy don't these connection_t's get cleaned up?
2002-09-06 Guus SliepenFix MST algorithm.
2002-09-06 Guus SliepenReset the *correct* seqnos.
2002-09-06 Guus Sliepenedge_weight_compare() shouldn't rely on edge_compare().
2002-09-06 Ivo TimmermansAdded AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
2002-09-06 Guus SliepenRemove global edge_tree.
2002-09-06 Guus SliepenOnly reset seqno's when a key is sent or received.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenTypo.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenAdd missing headers.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenRun autopoint and libtoolize before creating initial...
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenSmall updates.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenUpdated dutch translation.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenGeneralized request broadcasting/forwarding.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenSmall fixes.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenRevert to edge and graph stuff. This time, use a direct...
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenJust ignore wrong ADD_NODEs instead of replying with...
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenDon't forget to set prevhop to myself for new connections.
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenPrevent looping DEL_NODE/ADD_NODE messages after a...
2002-09-04 Guus SliepenReduce KEY_CHANGED traffic.
2002-09-03 Guus SliepenWoops.
2002-09-03 Guus SliepenA reachable node is always more preferable to an unreac...
2002-09-03 Guus SliepenDrop graph and edge stuff. Use new node stuff instead.
2002-09-03 Guus SliepenMake sure setlocale() is available.
2002-09-02 Guus SliepenReplacement for the current routing algorithm.
2002-08-24 Guus SliepenCheck for ranlib.
2002-08-24 Guus SliepenGettext 1.11.5 compatibility.
2002-07-18 Guus SliepenAdded support for raw sockets. This can be used instead...
2002-07-16 Guus SliepenDon't bother to chown, and correctly document ConnectTo.
2002-07-16 Guus SliepenAllow tincd to be locked into main memory.
2002-07-12 Guus SliepenInclude complete fake-getname/addrinfo from OpenSSH.
2002-07-11 Guus SliepenAdded stub device.c for Cygwin.
2002-07-11 Guus SliepenStarted port to Cygwin.
2002-07-11 Guus SliepenClear subnets before using them.