Fix reading configuration files that do not end with a newline.
[oweals/tinc.git] / src / conf.c
2008-10-25 Guus SliepenFix reading configuration files that do not end with...
2006-04-26 Guus SliepenUpdate copyright notices, remove Ivo's email address.
2006-01-19 Guus SliepenApply patch from Scott Lamb adding an output buffer...
2005-05-04 Guus SliepenUpdate copyright notices.
2005-05-04 Guus SliepenSearching through splay trees may change the tree variable.
2004-03-21 Guus SliepenUpdate copyrights, links, email addresses and let Subve...
2004-03-21 Guus SliepenMove CABAL branch to its rightful place: the trunk.
2004-03-15 Guus SliepenEat trailing whitespace in config files.
2003-12-12 Guus SliepenCode beautification, start of multicast support.
2003-08-28 Guus SliepenWe don't have to tell GCC how to cast.
2003-08-24 Guus SliepenSynchronise HEAD with CABAL branch.
2003-08-08 Guus SliepenSimpler checking of permissions on private RSA key...
2003-08-08 Guus SliepenAllow empty lines in config files.
2003-08-08 Guus SliepenWindows uses backslashes...
2003-08-02 Guus SliepenOops.
2003-08-02 Guus SliepenOops.
2003-08-02 Guus SliepenAllow whitespace in values.
2003-07-24 Guus SliepenSprinkle around a lot of const and some C99 initialisers.
2003-07-22 Guus SliepenUse bools and enums where appropriate.
2003-07-18 Guus SliepenNo UNIX style permissions under Windows.
2003-07-17 Guus SliepenBig header file cleanup: everything that has to do...
2003-07-12 Guus SliepenSimplify logging, update copyrights and some minor...
2003-07-11 Guus SliepenMore missing IPv6 definitions and autoconf checks to...
2003-07-06 Guus SliepenSprinkling the source with static and attributes.
2003-07-06 Guus SliepenDefine logger(), cleans up source code and allows us...
2002-09-15 Guus Sliepenport_t isn't used anymore and conflicts with MacOS...
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenRemove redundant spaces.
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenSwitch to K&R style indentation.
2002-09-09 Guus SliepenCleanups:
2002-06-21 Guus Sliepens/
2002-06-08 Guus SliepenCleanup:
2002-04-28 Ivo Timmermans*** empty log message ***
2002-04-13 Ivo TimmermansRemove debug_lvl
2002-04-09 Ivo TimmermansUpdating HEAD branch #4; Merging CABAL -> HEAD.
2002-04-09 Guus Sliepenmasklength is better known as prefixlength.
2002-03-24 Guus SliepenConfiguration variables were still handled case sensiti...
2002-02-18 Guus Sliepen- Non-blocking connect()s.
2002-02-10 Guus SliepenMerging of the entire pre5 branch. release-1.0pre5
2001-11-16 Ivo TimmermansFixed silly typo: "np" instead of "no"
2001-11-16 Ivo Timmermansget_config_subnet needs to be fixed.
2001-11-16 Ivo TimmermansDon't include netutl.h.
2001-11-16 Ivo TimmermansDeprecated get_config_ip and get_config_port
2001-10-31 Guus SliepenShow cfg->variable instead of cfg->value when complaini...
2001-10-27 Guus SliepenVarious small fixes to make tinc runnable again.
2001-10-27 Guus SliepenBig bad commit:
2001-10-10 Guus SliepenRevamp configuration handling:
2001-09-01 Guus Sliepenconfig_t* is a const parameter in get_config_val().
2001-07-24 Guus SliepenDon't use %m in fprintf().
2001-06-05 Guus SliepenYou can now put an option "Mode" in tinc.conf, and...
2001-01-17 Ivo TimmermansFix error reporting of read_config
2001-01-13 Guus Sliepen- Allow ASN1 style keys to be in the config files.
2001-01-07 Guus Sliepen- It's 2001, all copyright notices are updated.
2001-01-06 Guus Sliepen- Check and follow symlinks in is_safe_path
2001-01-05 Guus Sliepen- Let user choose whether keys are in the config files...
2000-12-22 Guus Sliepen- Don't even think about using sscanf with %as anymore
2000-12-06 Ivo TimmermansRe-introduced MyVirtualIP and VpnMask, as dummy options.
2000-12-05 Ivo TimmermansOops. I did some VERY wrong things with readline(...
2000-12-03 Ivo TimmermansSort configuration directives
2000-12-01 Ivo TimmermansUse buffer instead of line in read_config_file(), line...
2000-12-01 Ivo Timmermansreadline() accepts two extra parameters, buf and buflen...
2000-11-30 Ivo TimmermansIn readline(): initialise the line to zero length;
2000-11-30 Ivo TimmermansThe file is safe if it doesn't exist.
2000-11-30 Ivo TimmermansImplemented is_safe_path, and extended ask_and_safe_open.
2000-11-29 Ivo TimmermansAlso free the pointer returned by readline().
2000-11-29 Ivo TimmermansUse readline() in read_config_file() instead of fgets.
2000-11-29 Ivo TimmermansImplemented a readline() function that will read an...
2000-11-28 Ivo TimmermansSave RSA public and private keys to a separate file...
2000-11-20 Guus Sliepen- Integrate rbl trees into tinc.
2000-11-04 Guus Sliepen- Prepended config_ to all configuration option names...
2000-11-03 Ivo TimmermansWarnings removal pass: always include config.h first...
2000-10-29 Guus Sliepen- Fixed ans_key_h
2000-10-29 Guus Sliepen- Very big cleanup.
2000-10-24 Guus Sliepen- Lots of little stuff modified
2000-10-22 Ivo Timmermansread_server_config: Check for result of read_config_file.
2000-10-18 Ivo TimmermansBring head revision up to date with cabal (try #3)
2000-10-16 Guus Sliepen- Fixing little things
2000-10-15 Guus Sliepen- The daemon actually runs now (somewhat)
2000-10-14 Guus Sliepen- Second fixing-things pass: it even links now.
2000-10-11 Guus Sliepen- Fixing-things pass: every source file compiles into...
2000-10-11 Guus Sliepen- Generalized config file parsing to support multiple...
2000-09-14 Ivo TimmermansNew directive: Name.
2000-09-06 Guus Sliepen- Use strerror() instead of sys_errlist[] for increased...
2000-08-09 Guus Sliepen- Added two extra configuration options, Interface...
2000-08-07 Guus Sliepen- Added experimental hackish tunneling-over-TCP support.
2000-07-02 Guus Sliepen- Delayed address resolving for ConnectTo lines in...
2000-06-30 Guus Sliepen- Removed segfault bug in conf.c (must have been there...
2000-06-29 Guus Sliepen- Fixed memory leak.
2000-06-27 Guus Sliepen- Improved handling of errors on connection attempts.
2000-06-27 Guus Sliepen- Fixed indirectdata=no problem
2000-06-17 Ivo TimmermansConfiguration directive `IndirectData'.
2000-05-30 Ivo TimmermansAdded new configuration directive `Hostnames', which...
2000-05-29 Ivo TimmermansInternationalization of tinc.
2000-05-16 Guus SliepenStub for VpnMask config directive.
2000-05-15 Ivo TimmermansUnlimited length in the config file, thanks to Cris...
2000-05-14 Guus SliepenCleanups.
2000-05-14 Guus SliepenProxymode removed.
2000-05-08 Guus SliepenAdded new config variable "ProxyMode". If enabled,... release-1.0pre1
2000-04-26 Guus SliepenCleanups:
2000-03-26 Ivo TimmermansInitial revision