Handle timeouts during connecting the same way as other errors.
[oweals/tinc.git] / TODO
2004-03-21 Guus SliepenMove CABAL branch to its rightful place: the trunk.
2003-08-24 Guus SliepenThis will become 2.0.
2003-08-24 Guus SliepenSynchronise HEAD with CABAL branch.
2003-08-08 Guus SliepenSync CABAL branch with release-1_0 branch. release-1.0
2002-04-09 Ivo TimmermansUpdating HEAD branch #5; Last files from CABAL.
2002-02-10 Guus SliepenMerging of the entire pre5 branch. release-1.0pre5
2001-07-01 Guus SliepenMore items marked as done.
2001-05-25 Guus SliepenDocuments are merged. Now we only need to check the...
2001-05-24 Guus SliepenAll features for 1.0 are implemented now, we just have...
2001-05-04 Guus SliepenCorrectly cycle through ConnectTo variables.
2001-02-27 Ivo TimmermansAuthentication done
2001-01-07 Guus Sliepen- It's 2001, all copyright notices are updated.
2000-12-03 Ivo TimmermansAdded documentation merger
2000-11-30 Ivo TimmermansTagged `Storing private key in separate file' as done.
2000-11-27 Ivo TimmermansSort items to either 1.0 or future release goals.
2000-10-31 Guus Sliepen- Update.
2000-10-18 Ivo TimmermansBring head revision up to date with cabal (try #3)
2000-06-23 Guus SliepenFirst step for implementation of the "indirectdata...
2000-06-03 Guus SliepenRemoved items in TODO list that are already implemented...
2000-05-16 Guus SliepenTODO file reinstated:
2000-04-25 Ivo TimmermansThis file is obsolete, most of the ideas are already...
2000-03-26 Ivo TimmermansInitial revision