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[oweals/tinc.git] / NEWS
2008-12-26 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.9. release-1.0.9
2007-05-16 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.8. release-1.0.8
2007-01-05 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.7. release-1.0.7
2006-12-18 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.6. release-1.0.6
2006-11-14 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.5. release-1.0.5
2005-05-04 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.4. release-1.0.4
2004-11-11 Guus SliepenReleasing 1.0.3. release-1.0.3
2004-03-21 Guus SliepenMove CABAL branch to its rightful place: the trunk.
2003-11-08 Guus SliepenRelease notes for 1.0.2 release-1.0.2
2003-08-24 Guus SliepenSynchronise HEAD with CABAL branch.
2003-08-14 Guus SliepenUpdate. release-1.0.1
2003-08-08 Guus SliepenSync CABAL branch with release-1_0 branch. release-1.0
2002-09-15 Guus SliepenRemarks about 1.0pre8 release. release-1.0pre8
2002-04-09 Ivo TimmermansUpdating HEAD branch #5; Last files from CABAL.
2002-04-09 Guus SliepenRemarks about 1.0pre7 release. release-1.0pre7
2002-03-27 Guus SliepenUpdate with information about the pre6 release. release-1.0pre6
2002-02-10 Guus SliepenMerging of the entire pre5 branch. release-1.0pre5
2001-01-17 Ivo TimmermansSecond draft of the release notes
2000-11-20 Ivo TimmermansAdded this release
2000-11-09 Ivo TimmermansFinal release notes added, also edited release notes...
2000-11-02 Ivo TimmermansMore exhaustive list of changes - perhaps it can be...
2000-10-31 Guus Sliepen- Update.
2000-05-31 Ivo TimmermansInclude news for 1.0pre2.
2000-05-29 Ivo TimmermansUpdated changes list for version 1.0pre2.
2000-05-01 Ivo TimmermansMentioned new metaprotocol.
2000-04-20 Ivo TimmermansKeep make dist(dir) happy.
2000-03-26 Ivo TimmermansInitial revision