2009-11-15 graham.gowerDon't send the gzunp_pid SIGTERM. Waiting for exit...
2009-11-15 graham.gowerFix a subtle leak.
2009-11-15 graham.gowerFree memory in error paths.
2009-11-15 graham.gowermalloc -> xmalloc
2009-11-15 graham.gowerThe ": " is already added by vperror_msg... oops.
2009-11-15 graham.gowerCleanup gz_close().
2009-11-15 graham.gowerMake the array const to fix warning.
2009-11-15 graham.gowerI'm still seeing leaks here. So just stop allocating...
2009-11-15 graham.gowerFix leak in error path.
2009-11-15 graham.gowerWrite out status files for the correct pkg->dest, inste...
2009-11-13 graham.gowerFix the case where -o is used, but no conf file is...
2009-11-13 graham.gowerRemove unused variable.
2009-11-13 graham.gowerRemove local variable which was masking a static one.
2009-11-13 graham.gowerFree the lock, close the file descriptor.
2009-11-13 graham.gowerRemove status_file_tmp_name. This code does not improve...
2009-11-13 graham.gowerMake opkg_conf_parse_file() return -1 for error, as...
2009-11-13 graham.gowerSome cleanup of opkg_conf_init/opkg_conf_deinit.
2009-11-13 graham.gowerCompare verbosity to a message_level_t.
2009-11-12 graham.gowerFix copy/pasto in error message.
2009-11-12 graham.gowerOf course, that should be !isatty().
2009-11-12 graham.gowerDon't prompt for user input from stdin if it's not...
2009-11-12 graham.gowerCleanup the rest of pkg_parse.c. Give some functions...
2009-11-12 graham.gowerDon't clobber errno, so that we can provide a useful...
2009-11-12 graham.gowerFix parsing of Conffiles lines in status files.
2009-11-12 graham.gowerCleanup version string handling.
2009-11-12 graham.gowerFix leak when downgrading a package.
2009-11-11 graham.gowerRemove a debugging fprintf I accidentally left in.
2009-11-11 graham.gowerCleanup parsing of packages.
2009-11-11 graham.gowerDead code removal.
2009-11-11 graham.gowerDon't try to rerun control scripts, problems caused...
2009-11-11 graham.gowerMore cleanup in error paths to plug leaks found while...
2009-11-10 pixdamixUpdate name in copyrights + minor changes
2009-11-10 graham.gowerCleanup trim_alloc().
2009-11-10 graham.gowerRemove opkg_internal_use_only and fix associated assump...
2009-11-10 graham.gowerRemove the assumption that pkg fields have been allocat...
2009-11-10 graham.gowerEnsure that the hash_table messages show useful informa...
2009-11-10 graham.gowerUse xsystem() to be consistent. Some minor cleanup...
2009-11-06 graham.gowerPut update temp directory in with the others. Also...
2009-11-06 graham.gowerUse mkdtemp() to create a unique directory instead...
2009-11-06 graham.gowerMore dead code removal.
2009-11-06 graham.gowerRemove if (0 && ...) ... statements.
2009-11-06 graham.gowerRemove more unused code.
2009-11-06 graham.gowerRemove unused function.
2009-11-06 graham.gowerRemove dead code. We would segfault before following...
2009-11-06 graham.gowerRemove some bogus error checking and return void instea...
2009-11-06 graham.gowerSpecify --enable-pathfinder instead of --with-pathfinder.
2009-11-06 graham.gowerI hate autotools.
2009-11-05 pixdamixSome refactoring of pathfinder support
2009-11-05 pixdamixRemoved a bunch of if(0) and dead code
2009-11-05 pixdamixAdd pathfinder support for certificate validation
2009-11-05 graham.gowerThese functions cannot fail, so return void.
2009-11-05 graham.gowers/malloc/xmalloc/ s/calloc/xcalloc/ s/realloc/realloc/
2009-11-05 graham.gowerDon't set PATH="/dev/null". Shuffle things around while...
2009-11-05 graham.gowerRemove code path which cannot be executed.
2009-11-04 graham.gowers/strndup/xstrndup/ - check memory allocations for...
2009-11-04 graham.gowers/strdup/xstrdup/ - check memory allocations for failure.
2009-11-04 graham.gowerRemove some strdup abuse.
2009-11-04 graham.gowerRemove str_dup_safe() in favour of xstrdup() from libbb.
2009-11-04 graham.gowerRemove unused opkg_set_current_state bits.
2009-11-03 pixdamixMake `curl' an instance variable and ssl support
2009-11-03 graham.gowerThe list-installed command does not exist.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerRemove response_callback bits. Forgot to commit this...
2009-11-03 graham.gowerRemove some code duplication, check for realloc failure.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerClean up pkg_vec_insert.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerRemove prototype for deleted function.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerStop my eyes from bleeding.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerRemove unused callbacks, a legacy of the now removed...
2009-11-03 graham.gowerStop using opkg_cb_message.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerClean up some _cmd functions, in particular remove...
2009-11-03 graham.gowerRemove unused code: if pkg was NULL, we would already...
2009-11-02 pixdamixopkg: fix nullpointer dereference
2009-11-02 pixdamixopkg: fix the -force_space option
2009-11-02 graham.gowerCleanup error_list stuff a bit more.
2009-11-02 graham.gowerFree memory if we fail to remove a package due to it...
2009-11-02 graham.gowerAvoid reading past the end of the array.
2009-11-02 graham.gowerpkg_init_from_file() already does this strdup(), so...
2009-11-02 graham.gowerFree memory used when parsing a control file.
2009-11-02 graham.gowerFix memory leaks.
2009-11-02 graham.gowerfree() temporary string.
2009-10-30 pixdamixMissing free in sha256 hash verification
2009-10-30 pixdamixAdd missing free (again)
2009-10-30 graham.gowerFix some memory leaks.
2009-10-30 graham.gowerThe compiler almost certainly knows better.
2009-10-29 pixdamixFix problems in error list
2009-10-28 pixdamixRemoved a unused variable warning
2009-10-28 pixdamixAdd error messages in case of signature error
2009-10-28 pixdamixFix implicit declaration of strndup
2009-10-28 ticktock35Adding sha256.[ch]
2009-10-27 pixdamixImprove the poor man's fseek in unarchive.c
2009-10-27 ticktock35Opkg support for smime (pkcs7) packages list signing
2009-10-27 ticktock35Add sha256 ckecksums to okpg
2009-10-06 ticktock35Improve install candidate selection
2009-09-22 ticktock35Fix Segmentation fault while data in Package.gz is...
2009-09-21 ticktock35Fix opkg doesn't handle long link/path names in tar...
2009-09-18 ticktock35Adding error message for the lock file.
2009-07-04 ticktock35Fix issue on "Segmentation fault on package removal"
2009-06-26 ticktock35Thanks to claudyus84 and Gilles
2009-06-14 ticktock35adds a configure option so "/etc/opkg" can be
2009-04-17 ticktock35adding new flag flag_maintainer
2009-04-03 ticktock35using pkg->dest->root_dir