2009-12-09 graham.gowerMake the "update" command work. Previously, you had...
2009-12-09 graham.gowerRemove opkg_package_t from libopkg_test.c. Also, use...
2009-12-09 graham.gowerGet rid of opkg_package_t.
2009-12-09 graham.gowerFix lock_fd... How did I manage to break that?
2009-12-09 graham.gowerMerge commit 'grg' into HEAD
2009-12-06 graham.gowerBump version number.
2009-12-04 graham.gowerRemove -Werror from libopkg CFLAGS.
2009-12-04 graham.gowerIgnore extraction errors, for now. Requested by Koen.
2009-12-03 graham.gowerTwo fixes from Martin Jansa <martin.jansa@gmail.com>.
2009-12-03 graham.gowerFix truncation problem when reading in long lines....
2009-12-03 graham.gowerFree memory when there are unresolved dependencies.
2009-12-01 pixdamixpatch for opkg_download.c compile abort
2009-11-27 florian.boorMaks sure scripts get packaged
2009-11-27 florian.boorFix typo in file name in order to fix distcheck.
2009-11-27 graham.gowerRemove unused parameter from pkg_hash_fetch_best_instal...
2009-11-27 graham.gowerFinding a provider which is has an incompatible arch...
2009-11-27 graham.gowerRemove enum opkg_error.
2009-11-27 graham.gowerBe slightly less verbose by default.
2009-11-27 graham.gowerFix some errno abuse.
2009-11-27 graham.gowerCheck the unzip child process for errors and pass the...
2009-11-27 graham.gowerProvide error checking for users of pkg_extract_* funct...
2009-11-27 graham.gowerAdd error checking to deb_extract(), unarchive(), extra...
2009-11-27 graham.gowerAdd __FUNCTION__ to the error mesage.
2009-11-27 graham.gowerName it after what it does: s/extract_to_stdout/extract...
2009-11-26 pixdamixAdd missing include
2009-11-26 graham.gowerFix problem introduced in r382. Pointed out by jlc...
2009-11-26 graham.gowerlibbb.h cleanup.
2009-11-26 graham.gowerVarious unarchive.c cleanups.
2009-11-26 graham.gowerRemove str_util.{c,h}
2009-11-26 graham.gowerfile_util.c cleanups. Remove redundant str_chomp from...
2009-11-26 graham.gowermalloc -> xmalloc
2009-11-26 graham.gowerMinor cleanup for opkg_upgrade.c
2009-11-25 graham.gowerPropagate errors upwards.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerVarious clean ups.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerReturn void, not int.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerFix duplicate and add a name.
2009-11-25 pixdamixAdd a list of Contributors (appologies to any missed)
2009-11-25 graham.gowerPlug leaks found when using --force-removal-of-dependen...
2009-11-25 graham.gowerVarious cleanups in opkg_remove.{c,h}
2009-11-25 graham.gowerVarious cleanups for pkg.{c,h}.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerOne more TODO.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerAdd vim swp files.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerRemove unused functions. Shuffle things around and...
2009-11-25 graham.gowerMake a couple of functions static, and return void...
2009-11-25 graham.gowerUpdate README and TODO. Add myself to AUTHORS.
2009-11-24 pixdamixAdd a .gitignore file for the ones using git-svn
2009-11-24 graham.gowerFix warning on 64bit arches.
2009-11-24 pixdamixshave: making the autotools output sane
2009-11-24 graham.gowerClean up opkg_depends_cmd() and opkg_what_depends_confl...
2009-11-24 graham.gowerDo the right thing if we have a version but no constraint.
2009-11-24 graham.gowerProvide a more useful comment.
2009-11-24 graham.gowerRemove the purge command. Undocumented and only duplica...
2009-11-24 graham.gowerRemove list_pending command. Undocumented and the pendi...
2009-11-24 graham.gowerRemove dead code in opkg_remove_cmd().
2009-11-24 graham.gowerRemove useless memory allocation and strcpy.
2009-11-24 graham.gowerRemove remaining uses of pkg->*_str arrays and free...
2009-11-24 graham.gowerFix a leak found when using --force-reinstall.
2009-11-24 graham.gowerThere should be a space before the bracket.
2009-11-24 graham.gowerFix pkg_depend_str() to not use pkg->depends_str.
2009-11-24 graham.gowerThere is no need to use a buffer at all.
2009-11-23 pixdamixAllow to install a package from a read-only dir
2009-11-23 graham.gowerFix an unfortunate typo.
2009-11-23 graham.gowerClean up the help output.
2009-11-23 graham.gowerAdd opkg config file option for tmp_dir.
2009-11-23 graham.gowerDon't leak the ar_header or the tar_header.
2009-11-22 graham.gowerAdd some error checking on fputs.
2009-11-22 graham.gowerChange fdopen(fd, "rw+") to fdopen(fd, "r+").
2009-11-20 graham.gowerRename loop iterater, so that it doesn't clash with...
2009-11-20 graham.gowerIterate the whole depends array, in the unlikely event...
2009-11-20 graham.gowerRespect the --with-opkglibdir configure switch in updat...
2009-11-20 graham.gowerClean up pkg_remove_orphan_dependent() and remove_autoi...
2009-11-19 graham.gowerFix hang in waitpid, exposed by r310. Patch from Enrico...
2009-11-19 graham.gowerPlug a leak.
2009-11-19 graham.gowerMake the Auto-Installed field useful.
2009-11-19 graham.gowerFree some strings as soon as they are parsed to save...
2009-11-19 graham.gowerSimplify hash_table somewhat.
2009-11-19 graham.gowerAssume a similar problem exists with this fdopen as...
2009-11-19 graham.gowerI'm sure that should have been buf0len.
2009-11-18 pixdamixFix a bug introduced in r323.
2009-11-18 graham.gowerRemove unused function.
2009-11-18 graham.gowerFix segfault while attempting to parse invalid package...
2009-11-17 pixdamixAvoid some warn_unused_result warning
2009-11-17 graham.gowerFix output of whatdepends, whatsuggests and whatrecomme...
2009-11-17 graham.gowerFix depended_upon_by to only contain pre_depends and...
2009-11-17 graham.gowerFix depends output.
2009-11-17 graham.gowerFix the warnings I created.
2009-11-17 graham.gowerCall _exit() and not exit() from within the child process.
2009-11-17 graham.gowerPut the tmp file under conf->tmp_dir.
2009-11-17 graham.gowerUse the filename arg as a base for the temp file. Clean...
2009-11-17 graham.gowerRemove unused function.
2009-11-17 graham.gowerUse the same tmp dir pattern as in opkg_update_cmd().
2009-11-17 graham.gowerUse vfork()/execvp() instead of system().
2009-11-17 graham.gowerPass the correct file to diff when using an offline_root.
2009-11-16 graham.gowerFix pkg_get_installed_files() to work with an offline_r...
2009-11-16 graham.gowerPass the correct file_name to pkg_get_conffile().
2009-11-16 graham.gowerAvoid printing an annoying message by default.
2009-11-16 graham.gowerRemove redundant function.
2009-11-16 graham.gowerRemove dead code.
2009-11-16 graham.goweratexit() isn't really appropriate for a library.
2009-11-16 graham.gowerRaise the required verbosity level for this message.