pkg: store size, installed size and installed time info in blob buffer
[oweals/opkg-lede.git] / tests /
2017-02-13 Jo-Philipp Wichpkg: use a blob buffer in pkg_t to store variable fields
2017-02-10 Jo-Philipp Wichlibbb: use external gzip command as I/O layer
2017-02-10 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: statically link libopkg
2009-12-09 graham.gowerRemove opkg_package_t from libopkg_test.c. Also, use...
2008-12-19 ticktock35remove the active_list_test target
2008-12-19 ticktock35Turn off the active_list_test app by default. Use it...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: active_list tests
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: fix distcheck issues
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: add libopkg test application
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: distcheck fixes
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: move tests into a separate directory