[oweals/opkg-lede.git] / libopkg / libopkg.c
2009-12-17 graham.gowerSpacing.
2009-12-11 graham.gowerNot all ERROR messages are in paths that return as...
2009-12-11 graham.gowerRemove args_t and cleanup unused stuff.
2009-12-11 graham.gowerMove loading of feeds and status files out of opkg_conf...
2009-12-09 graham.gowerMerge commit 'grg' into HEAD
2009-11-23 graham.gowerFix an unfortunate typo.
2009-11-23 graham.gowerClean up the help output.
2009-11-16 graham.goweratexit() isn't really appropriate for a library.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerThe list-installed command does not exist.
2009-11-03 graham.gowerRemove unused callbacks, a legacy of the now removed...
2009-11-02 graham.gowerCleanup error_list stuff a bit more.
2009-10-29 pixdamixFix problems in error list
2008-12-15 ticktock35[opkg] fixing typo & incompatible part to gcc 4.3.2
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: remove unused code
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: Consolidate error reporting from opkg_conf_init...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: set callbacks before opkg_conf_init
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: 's/itsy/opkg/'
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: remove opkg.h in preperation for new API
2008-12-15 ticktock35libopkg: remove internal dependency on libopkg.h and...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: remove redundant OPKG_LIB conditional code
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: re-arrange source code into sub-directories