tests: fix build of opkg_extract_test
[oweals/opkg-lede.git] / configure.ac
2017-02-10 Jo-Philipp Wichlibopkg: make MD5 support optional
2017-02-10 Jo-Philipp Wichlibopkg: add support for signature checking through...
2017-02-10 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: remove output shaving support
2010-09-20 graham.gower@gmail.comDisable sha256 code by default. This makes opkg GPLv2...
2010-08-10 graham.gowerForgot these two files in the last commit. Oops.
2010-06-28 graham.gowers/ipkgetcdir/opkgetcdir/
2010-02-21 graham.gowerBump revision for release.
2009-12-28 pixdamixAdd a configure flag to specify the lockfile path
2009-12-18 graham.gowerMove libopkg.c out into the src dir. It shouldn't be...
2009-12-06 graham.gowerBump version number.
2009-11-24 pixdamixshave: making the autotools output sane
2009-11-20 graham.gowerRespect the --with-opkglibdir configure switch in updat...
2009-11-06 graham.gowerSpecify --enable-pathfinder instead of --with-pathfinder.
2009-11-06 graham.gowerI hate autotools.
2009-11-05 pixdamixAdd pathfinder support for certificate validation
2009-11-03 pixdamixMake `curl' an instance variable and ssl support
2009-10-27 ticktock35Opkg support for smime (pkcs7) packages list signing
2009-10-27 ticktock35Add sha256 ckecksums to okpg
2009-06-14 ticktock35adds a configure option so "/etc/opkg" can be
2008-12-27 ticktock35adding --enable-curl configuation to configure.ac
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: add a simple way to pass a path environment for...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: update error handling for opkg_update_pkg in...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: add some error codes to libopkg
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: * Add opkg-key utility
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: implement opkg_find_package()
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: add more attributes to opkg_package_t
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: add extra data to libopkg progress callbacks
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: set version number and distribute pkg-config...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: remove redundant opkg.h.in
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: remove opkg.h in preperation for new API
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: fix configure check for big-endian systems
2008-12-15 ticktock35=?utf-8?q?opkg:=20Fix=20md5=20sum=20on=20big=20endian...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: catch up with removals and fix include statement...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: distcheck fixes
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: remove redundant etc directory
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: move tests into a separate directory
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: re-arrange source code into sub-directories
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: make gpg support optional
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: fix configure checks for gpgme
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: add configure check for libgpgme
2008-12-15 ticktock35* Rename top level ipkg directory to opkg
2008-12-15 ticktock35ipkg: replace wget with libcurl functions
2008-12-15 ticktock35* Add ipkg for future development