pkg: use a blob buffer in pkg_t to store variable fields
[oweals/opkg-lede.git] / TODO
2010-08-10 graham.gowerThis will never be done, offline roots often point...
2010-08-10 graham.gowerThis was done some time ago.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerOne more TODO.
2009-11-25 graham.gowerUpdate README and TODO. Add myself to AUTHORS.
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: Update TODO and remark that pkg_hash_fetch_best_i...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: update TODO
2008-12-15 ticktock35Clean up some out of date TODOs
2008-12-15 ticktock35* Rename top level ipkg directory to opkg
2008-12-15 ticktock35* Add ipkg for future development