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last changeTue, 16 Jun 2020 04:58:22 +0000 (00:58 -0400)
2020-06-16 Rich Felkeronly use memcpy realloc to shrink if an exact-sized... master
2020-06-16 Rich Felkerfix memset overflow in oldmalloc race fix overhaul
2020-06-15 Rich Felkerfix invalid use of access function in nftw
2020-06-11 Rich Felkeradd fallback a_clz_32 implementation
2020-06-11 Rich Felkeronly disable aligned_alloc if malloc was replaced but...
2020-06-11 Rich Felkerhave ldso track replacement of aligned_alloc
2020-06-11 Rich Felkerreintroduce calloc elison of memset for direct-mmapped...
2020-06-11 Rich Felkermove __malloc_replaced to a top-level malloc file
2020-06-11 Rich Felkerswitch to a common calloc implementation
2020-06-03 Rich Felkermove oldmalloc to its own directory under src/malloc
2020-06-03 Rich Felkermove __expand_heap into malloc.c
2020-06-03 Rich Felkerrename memalign source file back to its proper name
2020-06-03 Rich Felkerrename aligned_alloc source file back to its proper...
2020-06-03 Rich Felkerreverse dependency order of memalign and aligned_alloc
2020-06-03 Rich Felkerrename aligned_alloc source file
2020-06-03 Rich Felkerremove stale document from malloc src directory
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