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2015-08-17 Bryanupdate docs: compression only for prod
2015-08-16 Bryancorrecting note on static file hosting for dev
2015-06-29 Bryanmaking examples consistent with dev and updating readme...
2015-06-29 Bryanlxml still used for fetching USDE schools.
2015-06-29 Bryanmaking it more clear how to perform local installs
2015-06-29 Bryanfixing internal wiki links
2015-06-22 BryanFilepicker signup updates
2015-06-15 Bryanno longer wish to imply Google Apps is required.
2015-06-15 Bryanforgot to remove the obsolete client_secrets.json part
2015-06-15 BryanRemoving client_secrets.json as outdated and onerous...
2015-06-15 Bryannoting current problems with Drive instructions
2015-06-15 Bryansimplified Drive instructions for non-Apps.
2015-06-15 Bryanreinforcing the .env instruction
2015-06-15 Bryanfixed package typo, closes #435
2015-06-01 Bryan Bonvalletquick note about Filepicker free tier
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