2015-08-17 Bryanindexden is now optional master
2015-08-17 Bryanupdate docs: compression only for prod
2015-08-16 Bryancorrecting note on static file hosting for dev
2015-06-29 Bryanmaking examples consistent with dev and updating readme...
2015-06-29 Bryanlxml still used for fetching USDE schools.
2015-06-29 Bryanmaking it more clear how to perform local installs
2015-06-29 Bryanfixing internal wiki links
2015-06-22 BryanFilepicker signup updates
2015-06-15 Bryanno longer wish to imply Google Apps is required.
2015-06-15 Bryanforgot to remove the obsolete client_secrets.json part
2015-06-15 BryanRemoving client_secrets.json as outdated and onerous...
2015-06-15 Bryannoting current problems with Drive instructions
2015-06-15 Bryansimplified Drive instructions for non-Apps.
2015-06-15 Bryanreinforcing the .env instruction
2015-06-15 Bryanfixed package typo, closes #435
2015-06-01 Bryan Bonvalletquick note about Filepicker free tier
2015-06-01 Bryan Bonvalletcleaned up naming, added service priorities
2015-03-30 Bryanremove duplicate courses to scoreboard counts
2015-03-30 Bryanimport ObjectDoesNotExist closes #427
2015-03-25 Bryansmall fix to prevent strings for being literally quoted release-20150325
2015-03-16 Bryanworkaround to deal with migration transaction
2015-03-14 Bryanupdating migration with visual progress display
2015-03-12 Bryanaccidentally cached too well, fixed.
2015-03-12 Bryanmajor security overhaul for #420 and #423
2015-03-11 Bryanmake more use of the .env file on diverse systems
2015-03-10 BryanOCW importer updated for #359. not fully tested.
2015-03-10 Bryandocument pdf2htmlEX requirement, closes #422
2015-02-28 Bryan3.0.25 was not found on Heroku
2015-02-27 BryanReconfiguring Procfile closes #415, also closes #413
2015-02-27 BryanMoving widgets out of an app to close #416
2015-02-27 Bryansetting worker queue restriction for #413
2015-02-27 Bryancollecting MTURK_HOST test and fixing it. closes #408
2015-02-27 Bryanremove debug no-ops and don't call init on load. closes...
2015-02-27 Bryanlocking down highest version of deps running on a teste...
2015-02-27 Bryanremoving unused variable
2015-02-27 Bryan#404 handling line breaks in markdown tags
2015-02-27 Bryanstatic note download migration appears to work.
2015-02-27 Bryanremoving obsolete management call to upload notes to S3
2015-02-27 Bryanmissed requirement for PIL
2015-02-27 Bryan#396 pull static s3 html into NoteMarkdown.html
2015-02-27 Bryanpulling wysihtml5 out of compress to stop key errors...
2015-02-27 Charlie DeTarUpdates to sanitizer; all-in with inline HTML
2015-02-27 Charlie DeTarTranslate data-uri's to files stored on Amazon s3
2015-02-27 Charlie DeTarWIP supporting data-uris
2015-02-27 Charlie DeTarCorrect comments and method sigs for sanitizer
2015-02-27 Charlie DeTarImplement note editing and saving
2015-02-27 Charlie DeTarWIP: Note editing, markdown to html
2015-02-14 Bryanfound some variables defined on Heroku missing from env release-20150214
2015-02-14 Bryanupdating README while running through local install.
2015-01-31 Bryan#391 force change() on reload to trigger filtering release-20150131
2015-01-27 Bryan#393 properly checking if user is anonymous
2015-01-27 Bryanreplacing abstraction HIT with KeywordExtractionHIT
2015-01-27 Andrew Magliozzislight copy change for homepage
2015-01-24 Bryanregularly schedule file count updates for #377
2015-01-24 Bryanpossible fix for #392
2015-01-13 Bryan Bonvallet#388 ensure self.slug is not the empty string
2015-01-09 Bryanlisten on correct port for Heroku
2015-01-09 Bryan Bonvalletschool note counts now parse through departments
2015-01-09 Bryan Bonvalletupdating for heroku production version of taggit
2015-01-09 Charlie DeTarMerge branch 'master' of github.com:FinalsClub/karmaworld
2015-01-09 Charlie DeTarDon't give points when downloading own doc
2015-01-09 Charlie DeTarAdd missing migration for EmailParsingHIT
2015-01-09 Bryan Bonvalletnoting RabbitMQ for local dev
2015-01-09 Bryan Bonvalletslapping some version locking.
2015-01-09 Bryan BonvalletCreate README.md
2015-01-09 Bryan Bonvalletadding comment about 7zip requirement
2015-01-09 Bryan Bonvalletadding clarification about USDE school handling.
2015-01-09 Bryan Bonvalletupdating readme to note .env file
2014-12-03 Bryan Bonvalletfiltering out more fluff schools. closes #326
2014-10-12 Bryancloses #376 adjust min length before autocompleting...
2014-06-14 Charles ConnellShuffle answers in multiple choice questions
2014-06-14 Charles ConnellGotta get it running again
2014-06-11 Bryan Bonvalletmoved Heroku buildpack, added config for it, referenced...
2014-06-10 Charles ConnellWIP on more HIT tracking
2014-06-08 Charles ConnellTweaks to HIT
2014-06-06 Charles ConnellWIP on mail box
2014-06-03 Charles ConnellTrack HITs locally
2014-06-03 Charles ConnellActually take out approval code
2014-06-03 Charles ConnellOptional additional keywords, wait for manual approval...
2014-05-27 Charles ConnellDocument celery change
2014-05-27 Charles Connellcelery queue name setting
2014-05-24 Charles Connellnew relic support
2014-05-24 Charles ConnellMake ssl redirection a separate config
2014-05-23 Charles ConnellImprove celery wrapper script
2014-05-23 Charles Connellexperiment with celery
2014-05-20 Charles ConnellAlways allow staff to edit notes
2014-05-19 Charles ConnellSSL redirect
2014-05-19 Charles ConnellClarifications and corrections to README
2014-05-19 Bryan Bonvalletmanage commented out variables properly
2014-05-19 Bryan BonvalletMerge branch 'master' of github.com:FinalsClub/karmaworld
2014-05-19 Bryan Bonvalletreplacing test code with proper code
2014-05-18 Charles ConnellToss CLOUDFRONT_URL
2014-05-18 Bryan Bonvalletupdated documentation to streamline bootstrap for new...
2014-05-18 Bryan Bonvalletfixing typo
2014-05-17 Charles ConnellChange mturk text
2014-05-17 Charles Connelldummy commit
2014-05-16 Charles ConnellBack to old way of doing scheduled tasks
2014-05-16 Charles ConnellExport user info as a CSV, fixes #368
2014-05-16 Charles ConnellUndo that
2014-05-16 Charles Connellnew process types, restore a migration that went missin...