2020-06-21 Martin Schanzenbach-remove debug message master
2020-06-21 Martin SchanzenbachGNS: dns2gns now randomizes answers from GNS record set
2020-06-21 Martin SchanzenbachMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gnunet.org/gnunet
2020-06-21 Martin Schanzenbach- fix epoch 1y
2020-06-21 Martin Schanzenbach- fix busybox mktemp
2020-06-18 Christian Grothoffindentation fix
2020-06-15 Martin SchanzenbachSet workbits for PoWs to more realistic values
2020-06-15 Martin Schanzenbach- Minor fix reclaim attestation plugin
2020-06-14 nikitadoc->preface: rewrite 'GNUnet may also' sentence, remov...
2020-06-12 t3sseraktFixed 5528: TCP *communicator* bindto option should...
2020-06-05 t3sserakt- forgot to actually add a file and some method documen...
2020-06-05 t3sseraktFixed bug #5822 by adding a monotonic time to the conne...
2020-06-01 Martin Schanzenbachtng: do not handle message send more than once
2020-06-01 Martin Schanzenbachtng: fix for macos unix socket handling
2020-06-01 Martin Schanzenbachtng: MTU fix for other UNIXes, log message
2020-06-01 Martin Schanzenbachtng: UNIX communicator fixes. Test fixes
2020-06-01 Martin Schanzenbachtng: more UDP communicator backchannels
2020-05-30 Martin Schanzenbachtowards UDP backchannels
2020-05-30 Jonathan Buchananrsa crypto compare functions take const parameters
2020-05-27 Alessio VanniMake REQUEST_AGPL messages configurable and add handler...
2020-05-27 Martin Schanzenbach- do not include commits with - prefixed to message...
2020-05-27 Martin Schanzenbachadd lastlog script
2020-05-27 Martin Schanzenbachchangelog from git log
2020-05-27 Martin Schanzenbachupdate changelog, new format
2020-05-26 Martin Schanzenbachremove argon2 dependency. Use limited libsodium argon2i...
2020-05-26 Martin Schanzenbachtest vectors in binary
2020-05-26 jospaethMerge branch 'spaeth/import_identity'
2020-05-26 Martin Schanzenbachfix bit counting mess
2020-05-25 Martin Schanzenbachremove some debug
2020-05-25 Martin SchanzenbachMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gnunet.org/gnunet
2020-05-25 Martin Schanzenbachuse argon2id
2020-05-25 Florian Doldreplace Christian's FIXME with an explanation
2020-05-25 Florian Doldadd additional test condition for GNS crypto
2020-05-25 Martin Schanzenbachactually add ttl
2020-05-25 jospaethadd option to create identity from private key spaeth/import_identity
2020-05-25 Martin Schanzenbachfix bit check in hash
2020-05-25 Martin Schanzenbachadd some more debug output
2020-05-25 Martin Schanzenbachfix sizes, should not affect actual operation
2020-05-22 Martin Schanzenbachadd option to show private key
2020-05-21 Christian Grothofffix #6242
2020-05-20 Christian Grothoffstyle specing
2020-05-19 Christian Grothoffmissing termination
2020-05-19 Alessio VanniImproved BIO API
2020-05-19 Christian Grothofffix ftbfs
2020-05-18 Martin Schanzenbachpow values should be nbo
2020-05-18 Martin Schanzenbachadd smi pow values
2020-05-18 Martin Schanzenbachfix api for lazy pubkey loading
2020-05-17 Martin Schanzenbachdeps are now required, no need for defines
2020-05-17 Martin Schanzenbachmake mhd and jansson mandatory dependencies
2020-05-17 Martin Schanzenbachallow compile against curl-openssl
2020-05-14 Martin Schanzenbachadd build tasks
2020-05-14 Martin Schanzenbachrename deploy script
2020-05-14 Martin Schanzenbachadd buildbot deployment file
2020-05-13 Martin Schanzenbachuncrustify
2020-05-13 Martin SchanzenbachMerge branch 'master' of ssh://gnunet.org/gnunet
2020-05-13 Martin Schanzenbachuncrustify
2020-05-10 Martin Schanzenbachfix wrong return value
2020-05-10 Martin Schanzenbachfix single label get
2020-05-10 Martin Schanzenbachadd revocation tvg
2020-05-10 Martin Schanzenbachadd zone keys to tv
2020-05-10 Martin Schanzenbachadd gnsrecord tvg
2020-05-10 Martin Schanzenbachseparate id_token and userinfo claims requests
2020-05-10 Martin Schanzenbachonly include result set of not empty after filtering
2020-05-09 Martin Schanzenbachfix immediate retry
2020-05-09 Martin Schanzenbachfix #5782
2020-05-09 Schanzenbach... towards bettwe nss handling
2020-05-09 Schanzenbach... fail of LSD0001 is violated for GNS2DNS
2020-05-09 Schanzenbach... fix #6103; make LEHOs supplemental from CNAMEs and...
2020-05-09 Schanzenbach... add json response headers to rest plugins
2020-05-09 Schanzenbach... add response headers, add replace api to namestore
2020-05-09 Schanzenbach... add filtering and modify deletion API
2020-05-09 Schanzenbach... change label processing in namestore REST api for gns...
2020-05-07 nikitafixed the wrong part of the url
2020-05-07 nikitafix broken link on server. ideally we copy this indepen...
2020-05-07 Schanzenbach... try to fix mess
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... fix DLL assertion
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... same id derivation for anon
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... deprecate ill-defined set_nick API
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... called function twice
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... minor fix
2020-05-06 Florian Doldadd libsodium dep to README
2020-05-06 Florian DoldFix #6070
2020-05-06 Florian Doldmove from tweetnacl (+custom hacks) -> only sodium
2020-05-06 Florian Doldcheck for libsodium
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... fix
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... more warnings
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... introduce have_rest; fix warnings
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... ignore tautologies; check is necessary
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... remove obsolete framework option
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... add some more useful configuration output wrt transports
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... stop excessive warnings and notifications of informatio...
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... improve configure messages more
2020-05-06 Schanzenbach... improve configure messages for rest and reclaim
2020-05-05 Schanzenbach... fix dll remove
2020-05-05 Schanzenbach... better deletion of ego handling
2020-05-05 Schanzenbach... better cleanup
2020-05-05 Schanzenbach... propery deserialize attests
2020-05-05 Schanzenbach... fix attestations
2020-05-01 Christian GrothoffMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://gnunet.org/gnunet
2020-05-01 Christian Grothofffix gnunet-identity performance