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last changeWed, 3 Jun 2020 17:03:55 +0000 (19:03 +0200)
2020-06-03 Alin Nastacredirects: fix segmentation fault master
2020-06-03 Jo-Philipp... treewide: replace unsafe string functions
2020-06-02 Jo-Philipp... improve reload logic
2020-03-16 Anton Engelhardtredurects: add support to define multiple zones for...
2020-03-13 WangYanlongfirewall3: defaults: fix uci flow_offloading option
2020-03-03 Yousong Zhourules: fix typo
2020-01-28 Rui Salvaterradefaults: robustify flow table detection.
2019-11-22 Jo-Philipp... utils: persist effective extra_src and extra_dest optio...
2019-11-22 Jo-Philipp... zones: fix emitting match rules for zones with only...
2019-09-23 Hans Dedeckerutils: fix resource leak
2019-09-18 Jo-Philipp... ubus: do not overwrite ipset name attribute
2019-09-15 Alin Nastacfirewall3: fix typo that affects ICMPv6 rules with...
2019-09-08 Hauke Mehrtensutils: Fix string format message
2019-09-03 Hauke Mehrtensfirewall3: Fix some format string problems
2019-08-22 Alexander Couzensiptables.c: lock the xtables.lock
2019-08-22 Alexander Couzensutils: implement fw3_lock_path() & fw3_unlock_path()
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