2020-06-25 Davin McCallFix mistakes in cptest asserts master
2020-06-25 Davin McCallFix missing #include (needed for compiling with GCC 10)
2020-06-24 Davin McCallBump version to 0.8.2 v0.8.2
2020-06-24 Davin McCallFix setting group when only uid specified
2020-06-23 Davin McCallSet group id before user id in child process
2020-06-23 Davin McCallAdd integration test for add/rm dep via dinitctl
2020-06-21 Davin McCallImprove diagnostic on attempt to add dependency from...
2020-06-21 Davin McCallFix dinitctl add/remove dependency
2020-04-18 Davin McCallAdd unit test for bgprocess smooth recovery
2020-04-18 Davin McCallFix smooth recovery of bgprocess services
2020-04-14 Davin McCallAdd mock 'open' system call to bpsys
2020-04-13 Davin McCallFix bug with activation count for auto-restart services
2020-01-01 Davin McCallCompilation fix for Musl systems v0.8.1
2020-01-01 Davin McCallMake sure we don't try to enable log watcher after...
2020-01-01 Davin McCallBump version to 0.8.1
2020-01-01 Davin McCallUpdate TODO
2020-01-01 Davin McCallFix typo and use of hard-coded value
2020-01-01 Davin McCallAdd another log subsystem test
2020-01-01 Davin McCallImprove unit test infrastructure - allow control of...
2019-12-30 Davin McCalldinitcheck: fix nullptr deref if service can't be loaded
2019-12-29 Davin McCallAdd a simple logging test development
2019-12-29 Davin McCallUse bp_sys aliases to write from log
2019-12-29 Davin McCallMark main log closed on write failure
2019-12-26 Davin McCalldinitcheck: check for missing service command
2019-12-26 Davin McCallAdd int. test for failing to load service
2019-12-26 Davin McCallFlush main log (as well) before exit
2019-12-26 Davin McCallFix issue when service fails to load
2019-12-25 Davin McCallFix error messages from proc_service launch stages
2019-12-23 Davin McCallBUILD: explain the USE_UTMPX option a little better
2019-12-23 Davin McCallquery_name: always return with NAK if service handle...
2019-12-23 Davin McCallAdd SHUTDOWN_PREFIX build variable, controls name of...
2019-12-23 Davin McCallAvoid building constant strings on the stack
2019-12-22 Davin McCallAdd dinitcheck(8) to dinit.8 "see also" section
2019-12-22 Davin McCallUpdated bundled Dasynq to 1.1.7
2019-12-22 Davin McCallFix --help option in dinitcheck
2019-12-14 Davin McCallUpdate COMPARISON; give more details of Dinit up-front
2019-12-13 Davin McCallAvoid copying string arguments to log functions (always...
2019-12-08 Davin McCallBump version. v0.8.0
2019-12-08 Davin McCalldinitctl: make unload/reload respect --quiet
2019-12-08 Davin McCalldinitcheck: output overall result after checks complete
2019-12-08 Davin McCallPush some TODO items back to 0.9+
2019-12-08 Davin McCalldinitctl man: note that can't add non-running dep to...
2019-12-08 Davin McCallClean up clang warnings
2019-12-08 Davin McCallUpdate default build configs
2019-12-08 Davin McCallRefactoring: load new / reload existing service in...
2019-12-08 Davin McCallFix IGR makefile (spaces to tab)
2019-12-05 Davin McCallUpdate TODO, minor updates to COMPARISON/DESIGN
2019-12-05 Davin McCallFix reload of stopped service
2019-12-05 Davin McCallAdd 2nd reload test
2019-12-04 Davin McCallSet target state to STOPPED when stop is issued
2019-12-03 Davin McCallAdd integration test for reload
2019-12-02 Davin McCallImplement additional checks for reload
2019-12-01 Davin McCallImprove some dinitctl error messages
2019-12-01 Davin McCallRemove unneeded release
2019-12-01 Davin McCallImplement reload command for dinitctl
2019-12-01 Davin McCallImplement control protocol for reloading services
2019-12-01 Davin McCallInitial implementation of service reloading
2019-11-22 Davin McCalldinitcheck: return EXIT_FAILURE if problem found
2019-11-22 Davin McCallIntegration test for dinitcheck dependency cycles detection
2019-11-22 Davin McCalldinitcheck: check for and report dependency cycles
2019-11-21 Davin McCallFix inconsistencies/typos in help text, man pages
2019-11-21 Davin McCalldinitcheck: support specifying services to check on...
2019-11-21 Davin McCallInitial manpage for dinitcheck
2019-11-21 Davin McCallUpdate TODO
2019-11-21 Davin McCallInstall dinitcheck on install, clean binary on clean
2019-11-21 Davin McCallRemove accidental marker comment
2019-11-21 Davin McCallAdd integration test for basic dinitcheck functionality
2019-11-21 Davin McCalldinitcheck: use previously factored-out parameter proce...
2019-11-21 Davin McCallFactor out service parameter processing
2019-11-19 Davin McCallService description loading: improve error messages
2019-11-17 Davin McCalldinitcheck: fix checking of dependencies
2019-11-15 Davin McCallUse common option processing for dinit/dinitcheck servi...
2019-11-09 Davin McCallFactor out service directory option processing
2019-10-06 Davin McCallFix typo in comment
2019-10-06 Davin McCalldinitcheck: process all dependencies
2019-10-06 Davin McCallDon't enable reporting exceptions on failbit (only...
2019-10-06 Davin McCallBeginnings of "dinitcheck" utility
2019-09-16 Davin McCallConvert system_error to service_load_exc in load_service.
2019-09-11 Davin McCallMore re-wording of "dinit as init" Linux documentation
2019-09-10 Davin McCallRestore -s option to dinitctl
2019-09-10 Davin McCallUpdate gitignore
2019-09-10 Davin McCallRemove integration test output
2019-09-09 Davin McCallMerge pull request #22 from travankor/makefile
2019-09-09 travankorFix makefile. 22/head
2019-09-09 Davin McCallMerge pull request #23 from travankor/doc-fixes
2019-09-08 travankorFix typo in dinitctl man page. Document restart for... 23/head
2019-09-03 Davin McCallMerge pull request #21 from fpoussin/contrib
2019-09-03 Fabien PoussinAdding myself to contributors 21/head
2019-09-03 Davin McCallMerge pull request #20 from fpoussin/root
2019-09-03 Fabien PoussinUpdated documentation for the new user flag 20/head
2019-09-03 Fabien PoussinReplaced system flag with user flag
2019-08-26 Davin McCallMerge pull request #19 from fpoussin/modules
2019-08-26 Fabien PoussinAdding boot link for modules 19/head
2019-08-26 Fabien PoussinAdding kernel modules script
2019-08-09 Davin McCallUp version to 0.7.0. v0.7.0
2019-08-08 Davin McCallSome documentation updates.
2019-08-08 Davin McCallAdd integration test for service "restart" function.
2019-08-08 Davin McCallUpdate man page for revised restart/wake semantics.
2019-08-08 Davin McCallChange semantics of "wake" command.
2019-08-07 Davin McCallAvoid signed-unsigned comparison warning.