2020-03-23 Jon TrulsonConvert uses of XKeycodeToKeysym (deprecated) to XkbKey... master
2020-03-09 Jon Trulsondtksh: fix 32b/64b issues with XmTextGetString and...
2020-02-08 Jon Trulsondesktopentry/README: Clarify that the login manager...
2020-02-08 Jon TrulsonRevert "Add a new contrib/desktopentry-setlang/ mechanism"
2020-01-26 Jon TrulsonAdd a new contrib/desktopentry-setlang/ mechanism
2020-01-14 Jon Trulsondtsession, DtSvc: fix CVE-2020-2696/VU#308289
2020-01-13 Jon TrulsonDtSvc: always use vsnprintf
2020-01-04 Jon TrulsonFreeBSD 12/libDtHelp: fix link errors with missing...
2019-12-15 Chaseextra.h: remove unused prototypes
2019-12-15 Chasedtksh: remove needless OS defines
2019-12-15 Chasedtkcmds.c: avoid c99 collision
2019-12-15 Chasedtksh: remove unused files and functions
2019-12-02 Jon Trulsonlinux.cf: always use bison
2019-11-30 Marcin Cieślakdtdocbook/instant: fix buffer overlow on German umlaut...
2019-11-30 Nina Didenkott_type_comp: use CppCmd definition
2019-11-21 Nina DidenkoinstallCDE: don't hardcode path to whoami
2019-11-18 Jon TrulsonSet version to 2.3.1a (devel) for current master
2019-11-18 Jon Trulsongitignore: add infolib/etc UTF-8 locales
2019-11-17 Jon Trulsonsite.def: add define guards around DtLocalesToBuild
2019-11-17 Jon Trulsondtinfo: link proper localized (utf8) dirs
2019-11-16 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion after 2...
2019-11-16 Jon TrulsonHISTORY: update for 2.3.1 release 2.3.1
2019-11-16 Jon TrulsonChange CDE version info for 2.3.1 release
2019-11-06 Nina Didenkosym2num: don't hardcode path to cpp
2019-11-06 Nina Didenkomerge: don't hardcode path to gencat
2019-11-06 Nina DidenkoudbToAny.ksh: don't hardcode path to awk
2019-11-06 Nina Didenkodtinfogen: don't override PATH
2019-11-01 Chaseil: remove various deprecated files
2019-11-01 Chaseremove more internal jpeg headers
2019-10-28 Jon TrulsonDtSvc/DtUtil2: fix implicit function declarations
2019-10-28 Jon TrulsonDtSvc/DtUtil1: fix implicit function declarations
2019-10-20 Jon Trulsonttserver: fixup forward (vexing) fucntion decl's in...
2019-10-18 wmoxamRemove all optional compile flags from dtwm that are...
2019-10-16 Jon Trulsondtmail: fix extra format args warnings
2019-10-16 Jon Trulsondtmail: fix NULL char embedded in format string
2019-10-16 wmoxam'notdef' means it's not used, so we remove it
2019-10-16 wmoxamRemove ancient HP VUE compatibility support
2019-10-15 ChaseRemove old jpeg files
2019-10-14 wmoxamRemove 'oldcode'
2019-10-14 wmoxamRemove legacysun code blocks
2019-10-14 wmoxamRemove unused HP_EXTENSIONS code blocks
2019-10-14 Jon Trulsondtpad: emit error on catopen() failure
2019-10-14 Jon Trulsondtfile: Add scroll wheel support
2019-10-14 Jon Trulsondtcalc: increase highlight thickness to match Solaris CDE
2019-10-14 Jon Trulsondtterm: add scroll wheel support
2019-10-14 wmoxamRemove NOTDONE code
2019-10-14 Jon Trulsonlinux: build all languages by default again
2019-10-13 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch discarded-qualifier...
2019-10-13 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch delete-incomplete...
2019-10-13 Jose Rubioget rid of the 'extern sys_errlist' and 'sys_nerr'...
2019-10-13 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion, after 2...
2019-10-12 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch incompatible-pointe... 2.3.0a
2019-10-12 Jose RubioFixes for a few -Wincompatible-pointer-types
2019-10-11 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch int-conversion...
2019-10-11 Jose RubioFix to delete-incomplete warnings.
2019-10-11 Jose RubioFix to compile warnings.
2019-10-10 Jose RubioFix to different compile warnings.
2019-10-10 Jose RubioFix to Wenum-compare
2019-09-27 Jose RubioFix openbsd compile build errors due to dependency...
2019-09-16 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion
2019-09-16 Jose RubioMerge branch 'linux-suse-tcl-link' of https://git.code...
2019-09-16 Jose RubioLink TCL libraries and restrict tcl8.6 to SuSE only.
2019-09-15 Jose RubioUpdate TCL libraries link and restrict tcl8.6 only...
2019-09-12 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch implicit-int into...
2019-09-12 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch pointer-compare...
2019-09-12 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch linux_aarch64 into...
2019-09-12 Jon TrulsonMerge /u/jrubio/cdesktopenv/ branch dtksh_include_sys_s...
2019-09-12 Jose RubioFix for deprecated warnings related to gnu libc sys...
2019-09-11 Jon Trulsonisfname.c: remove register keyword
2019-09-11 Jon Trulsonksh/libast: include sys/sysmacros.h in fmtdev.c for...
2019-08-29 Jose RubioFIX: Define Aarch64 as little endian so DtInfo compiles.
2019-08-20 Jose RubioFixes for warnings related to -Wimplicit-int.
2019-08-19 Jose RubioCleanup of -Wpointer-compare warnings.
2019-08-19 Jose RubioAdded linux/aarch64 as valid target.
2019-05-07 Jon Trulsondtprintinfo: remove SUID root on install
2019-05-07 Jon Trulsondtprintinfo: correct another possible buffer overflow
2019-05-07 Jon Trulsondtprintinfo: Fix a potential exploitable buffer overrun
2019-02-24 Jon TrulsonNLS: fix quote issue with various OS's in C/types/_comm...
2019-02-24 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.code.sf.net/p/cdeskt...
2019-02-24 Jon Trulsondtdockbook/instant: Add the proper paths for TCL on...
2019-01-26 Adam SampsonExplicitly initialise two more static pointers
2019-01-26 Adam SampsonDon't dereference an uninitialised pointer
2019-01-26 Adam SampsonAvoid a NULL pointer dereference
2019-01-15 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion
2019-01-14 ChaseUse iconv on linux
2019-01-09 Alex Ivanovdefine M4Cmd
2019-01-06 tu83Fixed segfault for mode switching when compiled with...
2018-11-08 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion
2018-11-08 Jon Trulsondtcalc/calctool.h: Use include stdlib rather than exter...
2018-11-07 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion-2
2018-11-07 Peter HowkinslibDtHelp: Fix another regression caused by Coverity...
2018-11-07 Peter HowkinslibDtHelp: Fix a regression with the Help Index pages...
2018-11-05 Jon TrulsonMerge branch 'master' into utf8-conversion-2
2018-11-05 Jon Trulsonlinux: DtHelp/StringFuncs, enable real iconv() support
2018-11-05 Jon Trulsonutf8 conversion: mostly working, help has issues
2018-11-05 Jon TrulsonFix .gitignore for ISO8859-1 docs
2018-11-05 Jon Trulsonutf8 conversion: fix up seperation of locale and doc...
2018-11-05 Jon TrulsonUTF-8 conversion: fixup database Imakefiles, config...
2018-11-05 Jon TrulsonUTF-8 conversion: programs/localized/sv_SE
2018-11-05 Jon TrulsonUTF-8 conversion: programs/localized/it_IT