2019-06-21 RISCI_ATOMMerge branch 'v1.4' of jpellegrini/package-feed into... v1.4
2019-06-20 Jeronimo Pellegrinichicken-scheme: new version 5.1.0 7/head
2019-04-30 RISCI_ATOMMerge branch 'v1.4' of jpellegrini/package-feed into...
2019-04-30 Jeronimo PellegriniInitial Makefile for Chicken Scheme 5/head
2019-01-12 RISCi_ATOMAdded bitlbee 3.5.1 package
2018-10-03 RISCi_ATOMTmp. remove usbip,wifidog,ap51-flash
2018-09-06 NYNEXRemove libexpat and unbound since they were moved to...
2018-08-22 RISCi_ATOMRemove hiredis due to new license / freedom issues
2018-06-23 RISCI_ATOMMerge branch 'tsx' of pi31415/librecmc-package-feed...
2018-06-15 pi31415Adds package tinyscheme-extensions 4/head
2018-05-24 RISCI_ATOMMerge branch 'tinyscheme' of pi31415/librecmc-package...
2018-05-24 pi31415TinyScheme: Bumps PKG_RELEASE 3/head
2018-05-24 pi31415Splits tinyscheme into two packages
2018-05-23 pi31415TinyScheme: Adds options to install library files
2018-05-23 pi31415Builds TinyScheme library correctly
2018-05-15 Christopher... tinyscheme: Tweaks to allow building libraries
2018-05-15 RISCi_ATOMBump softethervpn version
2018-05-10 RISCI_ATOMMerge branch 'tinyscheme' of pi31415/librecmc-package...
2018-05-09 Christopher... Adds the patch to disable building the shared library. 2/head
2018-05-08 Christopher... Initial Makefile for TinyScheme Package
2018-03-31 RISCi_ATOMCommit based upon d6442850bde61f0c3e7e2ae3247b4a856073c5e0
2018-03-31 RISCi_ATOMRevert package feed back
2018-03-31 RISCi_ATOMRemove apache and other pkgs. add libpam...
2018-03-30 RISCi_ATOMAdd more missing libs
2018-03-30 RISCi_ATOMAdd a few more libs and remove iotivity
2018-03-30 RISCi_ATOMClean pull from upstrea package feed (non-working)...
2018-03-29 RISCi_ATOMFresh pull from upstream (stable) package feed
2017-12-31 RISCi_ATOMRemove automake for now
2017-12-31 RISCi_ATOMRemove broken packages
2017-08-11 RISCi_ATOMUpdated git and subversion to fix CVE-2017-1000117...
2017-06-06 RISCi_ATOMremoved hamlib
2017-06-04 RISCi_ATOMAdd support for miniupnpd and cjdns
2017-05-27 RISCi_ATOMAdd mwan3 to v1.4 branch of package feed
2017-05-12 RISCi_ATOMFresh pull from upstream
2017-02-20 RISCi_ATOMRemoved broken packages
2016-12-17 libreCMCDelete ''
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMFirst Commit