2019-07-05 Jason SelfMakefile: Set shell to /bin/bash master
2019-07-05 Jason SelfMakefile: Add atusb to 'all'
2019-07-05 Jason SelfMakefile: Change spaces for atusb to tab
2019-07-05 Jason Selfatusb: Delete temporary file
2019-07-04 Jason Selfatusb: Build updates
2019-07-04 Jason SelfUpdate INSTALL document
2019-07-04 Jason SelfAdd firmware for the ATUSB IEEE 802.15.4 USB Adapter
2019-07-04 Jason SelfUpdate carl9170 to latest upstream
2018-08-21 David PMakefile: Refer to ath9k_htc instead of ath9k_htc_firmware
2018-08-04 Jason SelfRevert "as31: Set O0 in" v1.3
2018-07-28 Jason Selfas31: update type of sizebuf variables
2018-07-28 Jason Selfcarl9170 toolchain: Update binutils and GCC
2018-07-21 Jason Selfcarl9170: Add explicit build target
2018-07-21 Jason Selfcarl9170: Change download sites
2018-06-05 Jason SelfCorrect typo in Dreamcast sound documentation
2018-06-05 Jason SelfUpdate Dreamcast sound documentation
2018-05-28 Jason SelfINSTALL: Set to GPLv3+
2018-05-28 Jason SelfINSTALL: Reformat some text
2018-05-28 Jason SelfINSTALL: Add package list; add note about C++
2018-05-28 Jason Selfaica: Add note about minimum kernel version
2018-05-28 Jason Selfath9k_htc: Update to current master
2018-05-22 David Pinstall ath9k firmware on both $(prefix) and $(prefix...
2018-05-20 Jason Selfaica: Change Makefile spaces to tabs
2018-05-20 Jason SelfMakefile: Change spaces to tabs
2018-05-20 Jason Selfaica: Add missing "export" to Makefile
2018-05-20 Jason SelfAdd aica firmware
2018-05-20 Jason SelfRemove the word "it" from README & CONTRIBUTING
2018-05-20 Jason SelfAdd missing word "the" to the CONTRIBUTING guide
2018-05-20 Jason SelfAdd release timetable to CONTRIBUTING file
2018-05-20 Jason SelfAdd licensing to README file
2018-05-20 Jason SelfAdd guidelines for commit messages
2018-05-20 Jason SelfUpdate the contributing guide
2018-05-20 Jason SelfUpdate README to refer to the new CONTRIBUTING file
2018-05-20 Jason SelfAdd initial contributing guide
2018-05-06 Jason Selfcarl9170: Update based on commit 370b7919114a02149088c4...
2018-04-14 Jason Selfas31: Delete parser.c v1.2
2018-04-14 Jason SelfREADME: Use HTTPS for the mailing list
2018-04-14 Jason SelfWHENCE: Update info for carl9170fw
2018-04-14 Jason Selfas31: Clarify which BSD license
2018-04-14 Jason Selfcis: Fix comment line wrapping
2018-04-14 Jason Selfas31: Set O0 in
2018-04-12 Jason SelfMakefile: Install openfwwf into $(prefix)/b43-open
2018-04-11 Jason SelfMakefile: Install ath9k_htc firmware directly in $...
2018-02-17 Jason SelfMakefile: Remove unneeded whitespace characters v1.1
2018-02-17 Jason Selfas31: Change optimization level from 2 to 0
2018-02-17 Jason Selfcarl9170: Update based on commit cd76b7b483731dc5cb467c...
2018-01-12 Jason Selfcarl9170: binutils and GCC should be downloaded from...
2018-01-10 Jason Selfkeyspan_pda: Update Makefile to use the as31 built...
2018-01-10 Jason SelfMakefile: Add as31 as a dependency to the keyspan_pda...
2018-01-10 Jason SelfMakefile: Complete the changes for ath9k_htc
2018-01-10 Jason SelfMakefile: Update the install target for ath9k_htc
2018-01-10 Jason Selfath9k_htc: Add patch for GCC 6.3.0
2018-01-09 Jason Selfcarl9170: Update based on commit 467556acea56f361a21b2a...
2017-12-29 Jason Selfath9k_htc: Update to upstream's commit d19607454d656cb1...
2017-12-27 Jason SelfWHENCE: Update licensing information about the a56...
2017-12-27 Jason Selfa56: Restructure the various READMEs; split out changes...
2017-12-27 Thorsten Alteholza56: non-void should return a value bug in main.c
2017-12-27 Thorsten Alteholza56: parameters of this strtol() differ from strtol...
2017-12-27 Thorsten Alteholza56: Makefile: add hardening stuff to CFLAGS
2017-12-27 Thorsten Alteholza56: add some #include's to calm compiler
2017-12-27 Thorsten Alteholza56: main.c and gram.c use different declarations of...
2017-12-27 Thorsten Alteholza56: Add manpage for keybld by Thorsten Alteholz
2017-12-27 Denis Brianda56: Add manpage by Denis Briand
2017-12-27 Robert Millana56: Add missing prototypes for alloc() and fixstring()
2017-12-27 Jason Selfa56: .gitattributes: Exclude undesired files from git...
2017-12-27 Jason Selfa56: Add .gitignore file
2017-12-27 Jason Selfa56: Add missing copyright and licensing information...
2017-11-26 Jason Selfas31: Add .gitignore file to keep autogenerated files...
2017-11-26 Jason Self.gitattributes: Exclude undesired files from git archive.
2017-11-26 Jason SelfINSTALL: Add missing word 'install' to the example...
2017-11-25 Jason Selfas31: Remove autogenerated files.
2017-11-11 Jason SelfSetting up repository v1.0