2017-05-12 RISCi_ATOMAdd v1.4 package feed v1.4-stage
2017-04-26 RISCi_ATOMRemove FTP mirrors from libreCMC core (Makefiles and...
2017-04-14 RISCi_ATOMFix branding on imagebuilder in target/imagebuilder...
2017-04-14 RISCi_ATOMAdd support for the GnuBee Personal Cloud One from...
2017-04-13 RISCi_ATOMRemove kmod-r8169 from x86 target default selection
2017-03-29 RISCi_ATOMChange version to reflect RC1 status v1.4-core-RC1
2017-03-29 RISCi_ATOMAdd partial support for tpe-r1100
2017-03-28 RISCi_ATOMRemoved targets with dependencies on ath10k (support...
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMUpdate commit commit hash in scripts/
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMFresh pull from upstream 17.01 branch
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMupdate .gitignore
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMRevert "Second attempt at pull from upstream package...
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMSecond attempt at pull from upstream package/{luci...
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMRevert "Pull package/{luci,system,network} from upstream"
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMPull package/{luci,system,network} from upstream
2017-03-23 RISCi_ATOMFix branding in base-files/
2017-03-13 RISCi_ATOMadd libreCMC src repository to scripts/
2017-03-13 RISCi_ATOMchanged kernel sha256 hash. Upstream broke kernel
2017-02-26 RISCi_ATOMResolve issue #2
2017-02-26 RISCI_ATOMMerge branch 'v1.4-stage' of ldpinney/GnuBee-libreCMC...
2017-02-25 L. D. PinneyMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v1.4-stage'... 3/head
2017-02-20 RISCi_ATOMRemoved u-boot omap and fixed luci-ssl collection
2017-02-07 L. D. PinneyAdd support for the GnuBee Personal Cloud One
2017-02-07 L. D. PinneyRevert "Add support for the GnuBee Personal Cloud One"
2017-02-07 blackAdd support for the GnuBee Personal Cloud One
2017-01-16 RISCi_ATOMadded support for omap (BeagleBone Black)
2017-01-14 RISCi_ATOMFixed 3.18.43 kernel hash; uboot-xburst name, removed...
2017-01-13 RISCi_ATOMFix git commit hash in scripts/
2017-01-13 RISCi_ATOMFresh pull from upstream
2017-01-11 RISCi_ATOMFixed x86 GRUB config label
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMAdded libreCMC package feed.
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMAdd luci to packages/ instead of using a feed
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMsp
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMFixed string in uboot-ar71xx/Makefile
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMFixed missing \ from package/boot/uboot-ar71xx/Makefile
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMTemp. scripts/ fix (update git SHA1)
2016-12-17 RISCi_ATOMFirst git repo commit for the libreCMC project